Virtual Gate Opening

Rapid urbanization paves way for automatic gate opening systems. Constructions of large number of industrial, commercial, and residential complexes has led to increased traffic congestion and the rise of the demand for global automatic gate and door opening systems. The idea of bringing in automatic gate and door opening system is to reduce the human effort. Even improved life style opens the avenues for automatic gate and door opening system. It also integrates with security systems and help to have a control over the persons entering the premises without proper authorization.

Aviation Management Software

CharterEasy is an intuitive and completely customizable one-stop charter management software solution. Our web-based software is the first system to integrate sales and salesperson management tools, allowing charter companies to build their business, in addition to managing aircraft scheduling and existing clients.

Open Data Portal

The number of people using the internet has surged over the last years, with more than one million people coming online for the first time each day since January 2018. It’s not just internet users that have been growing so has the data that is available.