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Cross-Platform Electronic Security Solutions

There has been a rapid increase in the demand for security services due to the rise of urbanization caused by the growth of the middle class, the potential risk of crime in those communities, and the common belief that the current implemented safety procedures are no longer sufficient.

Currently, in many communities around the United States, the most common form of gate community is a human security system. This requires the community to hire several officers for a span of twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. From an economical standpoint this is a very high cost the community is paying for security alone.

A proposed solution would be to develop an affordable security system that can offer the same protection outside a gate that is not obtrusive.

Seecago has developed the experience and knowledge to tackle this problem.

The company developed an access control system designed for gated areas guest processing by remote guard observation or automated processing. This software uses a two-way audio and one-way video communication. The system allows users to register their guests using a computer or from the ease of their mobile devices. Only the guests that were registered by these users are allowed through the gates.

When a guest arrives at a gate an automated verification will take place; however, in the event that this verification fails, the guest will be able to communicate with a guard located safely in a remote central station and can greet and verify the guest. This is very similar, but much more safe and cost effective, to a real on-site guard. Each of these interactions will be logged into a central database including video and audio communication.

Seecago has developed different automated guest verification options, such as:

  • Vehicle license plate verification
  • Driver’s license scanning
  • QR scanning

The main advantages of this system would be the ease of scalability, maintainability, and portability.

When looking at the future, there is clear trend indicating the increase in technological advances. Soon gate automation will be able to recognize faces, voices, and perhaps even scan the iris.

This system developed by Seecago can easily adapt to such an evolving environment and will be able to prepare clients for this future.

  • Lower cost than 24/7 onsite guard.
  • Quick Automated processing of registered visitors.
  • Record of all visitor and vehicle access including Audio and watermarked
  • Video for forensic analysis.
  • Web portal and mobile apps where residents can register their visitors.
  • Access Schedule per visitor.
  • Mobile Notification when visitor arrived.
  • Real-time Recorded Audio & Video
  • Heightened Security with Visitor Verification
  • Record of Each Permitted Visitor
  • Record of Each Denied Visitor
  • License Plate Owner Retrieval Service
  • Automated Prompt Voicemail System
  • 24 x 7 Daily Supervision of Guards
  • Ongoing Professional Training

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