Our philosophy is simple:

We listen.

About Seecago

Seecago is a software R&D company that was founded in 2009 to combine the systems and integration expertise of its founding fathers and translate those into scaleable enterprise level products based on modern and reliable technologies.

We utilize our passion for software development together with our extensive, practical experience to design, develop and deploy high quality, robust and stable applications.

Our flexible and consultative approach guarantees that your project gets the attention it needs.

Understanding your vision

Understand your vision to internalize your vision and business needs before we can propose you the right technical solution.

Scoping out the Problems

Identify user expectations to better understand the project requirements and plan right strategy.

Objectives and Expectations

By establishing clear objectives and expectations we determine which specific IT processes and workflows will actually be automated and in what order. This creates an accurate scope of the overall strategy for implementing and maximizing the process.


Working closely with Seecago using Agile methodology has allowed us to react quickly and stay ahead of our steep growth curve for over 8 years.  They’ve proven that even with constantly changing requirements there was no hurdle we couldn’t overcome.

Seecago’s in-depth technical and development skills, along with their ability to dissect and fix even the most complex issues, were invaluable to the ground-up development and continual evolution of our software.

Although this was technically a contract engagement, their dedication in continually going above and beyond allowed Team Seecago to be more like in-house developers.  Their “can-do” attitude is invaluable.

Paul Goodner, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Envera Systems